Kevin Kelly on the future of publishing …

… on convergence respectively. If you read this article today you will ask yourself „Did the industry ever read this? Why is it always only geeks who read about the future of knowledge transfer and publishing?“

The geeks have not only read these articles, but also acted on them – enter the iPad; not yet pliable nor flexible, but you can read, watch TV and play games on it. The rest is user-interface design. If we teach the new media to behave not like an alienated typewriter, but a sophisticated variant of paper instead – including virtual glossae interlineares and virtual dogears – our attention might return from struggling with technology to understanding information.

Where are the new media concepts, let alone products from the olde world publishers? Nix, Nada! Did all these publishing houses since 2000 only prepare to ritually commit suicide, or are the exciting products still to come? Personally I very much favor the first theory!

Kevin Kelly:
„The page will not die. It is too handy and highly evolved. The same flat sheet of enhanced paper is so nimble, in fact, that there is no reason why a movie could not be played on it as well. Drama, music videos, great epics in full color all dance across this new page. The eternal sheaf becomes both book and TV screen. Indeed the resolution will be fine enough to read words floating in, around and through cinematic images. We see the beginnings of that already on some websites where image and text intermingle. Is this a movie or an essay? We don’t know.
In the end we will have TV that we read and books that we watch. The People of the Book will keep turning their pages, and the People of the Screen will keep clicking their screens. All on the same piece of paper. Long live the page!“
Will We Still Turn Pages, Time Magazine, June 19, 2000


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