Too much information running through my brain –

– Too much information driving me insane (THE POLICE/Sting)

Some of my followed twitter accounts send me hourly updates – as interesting as this might be this is too much information for my feeble mind. Add a daily Newspaper, facebook, newsfeed-subscriptions and you get two to four hours a day just to keep up with the things I want to know. This does not include all the things I should be aware of …

Some strategies to put all this data in a classic layout and consume it in a „retro“ way might be – have a look at Prof. Michael Wagners daily „Newsvirtual“ on Looks good to my „Digital-Immigrant-Persona“ but I very much doubt that this will be a viable future for my paperless other half …

So I invite you to share your strategies to convert your daily information overload into efficient information reception. Please do comment and share your ideas!


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