e-book reading experiences

Yesterday I finished reading my third or so e-book. I am a little equivocal – simple, unidirectional plots go very well. eg. Stieg Larssons „Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“ is a straightforward read, no need to reiterate or leaf back.

David Michells „Cloud Atlas“ on the contrary side had me pinned down on the screen. I felt the urge to leaf back, reiterate, reread, pick up threads from former chapters just as I did with his „1000 autumns“ on paper. This is not so easy for a digital immigrant like me. On paper you put your right thumb to your present position and start leafing – on a Kindle you have to add a bookmark and then … ???

OTOH the kindle is so much smaller, lighter and easier to carry than even a single paperback. So I will either have to find a way to leaf through an ebook or have to decide to read more complex plots and maybe manuals and such on paper again. The kindle is a great tool to carry a small library of reference books and leisure reads around without breaking my back!

I like it after all …


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