Unterzeichnung des Anti-Piraterie-Abkommens ACTA beschlossen

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Wirklich interessante Passage Section5, Article 27:
„Each Party shall ensure that enforcement procedures, to the extent set forth in Sections 2 (Civil Enforcement) and 4 (Criminal Enforcement), are available under its law so as to permit effective action against an act of infringement of intellectual property rights which takes place in the digital environment, including expeditious remedies to prevent infringement and remedies which constitute a deterrent to further infringements.“ und folgende

Sieht wirklich so aus, als stünde die breit angelegte Kriminalisierung der ProSumer vor den Toren. Kann „spassig“ werden. Hier sind definitiv nicht ausschließlich die im Visier, die mit fremder intellectual property unredlich eigenes Geld verdienen!

Ich freue mich schon auf die ersten Revanche-Musterprozesse Hobbyfotografen gegen Webseitenbetreiber. Inklusive einstweiliger Verfügung und Beschlagnahme von Server- und Datenbank-Infrastruktur:
„Each Party shall provide that its judicial authorities have the authority to adopt provisional measures inaudita altera parte where appropriate, in particular where any delay is likely to cause irreparable harm to the right holder, or where there is a demonstrable risk of evidence being destroyed.“ (Article 12, Ziffer 2)

Öffentliche Serverinfrastruktur zu betreiben wird demnächst unversicherbar werden, mal sehen was da an nationalstaatlicher Gesetzgebung nachkommt …


unpublished draft from 2010: two days in bed …

… with antibiotics, a Kindle and a 15-minutes attention span. Feels like childhood to me. The Kindle and me got closer these days just as I got infested with the comic books my mother bought when and only when I had to stay in bed.

A friend and discussion partner characterises himself as somebody who reforvents himself permanently – as in forget and reinvent. I am rather the type who resenmemations myself – as in remembers sensations. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Although it sometimes seems as if it might have happened to another me in another life. This reminds me of the way I’ve come along, which is not as far as I may go – if time and future allows.

OTOH I saw what happens if you don’t change your ways, perceptions and attitudes when a bunch of mentally old men nearly crashed one of my former favorite fora. The big idea was to „have some banners as an aside“. Down the right margin of a turntable forum in German. No big money, but lots of opposition from forum members. The uprising was first fueled by patronizing condescension from „Officials“ and then quenched by the moderation board.

Nobody ever even considered thinking about benefits to forum members and consequently banner customers. Nobody even listened (or read) when I tried to develop some scheme to try to benefit all parties.

legal action against megaupload does not kill free speech …

… it only sanctions behaviour, which is bad karma anyway. AFAIK megaupload was a subscription site charging money for access to pirated intellectual property. Charging money for pirated content is BAD-BAD-BAD since the 1980ies when trading software started in schools!

Remember: „Information should be free“, the decision to pirate or not to pirate is yours – I will leave that to your discretion. Content owners will differ.


… and fraud is a crime in RL anyway and should also be punished in cyberspace
– on the customers side by not joining subscription pirate sites – use offres gratuites
– and I personally support all content owners taking legal action against sites earning money with pirated content.

Your opinion might differ, but this had to be said, sorry!

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