Paranoia zum Nachlesen …

… welche tracker uns wo und wie identifizieren; die Technologie ist faszinierend, die Resultate beängstigend!

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freemium Anbieter Zynga in der Krise

Zynga war und ist einer der wesentlichen Erfolgsfaktoren für die Entwicklung der Kundenbasis von facebook. Spielehersteller wie Zynga stellen die große Menge an „öffentlichen Gütern“, die soziale Netzwerke für freeloader interessant machen als „freemium“ Lizenz zur Verfügung. Der Gratis content wiederum motiviert die freeloader in den sozialen Netzwerken zu bleiben, sich weiter zu engagieren und damit die kritische Masse an Nutzern kritisch zu halten.

Wenn sich die Geschäftsmodelle der freemium Anbieter nicht in Börsenkapitalisierung umsetzen lassen, steht nicht nur deren wirtschaftliches Überleben, sondern vor allem die interne Kapitalisierung von facebook durch Nutzerzahlen in Frage. Wenn diese Nutzerzahlen verloren gehen oder die Nutzer passiv werden, wird die Frage nach möglichen Umsätzen aus dem Anzeigengeschäft akademisch …


unpublished draft from 2010: two days in bed …

… with antibiotics, a Kindle and a 15-minutes attention span. Feels like childhood to me. The Kindle and me got closer these days just as I got infested with the comic books my mother bought when and only when I had to stay in bed.

A friend and discussion partner characterises himself as somebody who reforvents himself permanently – as in forget and reinvent. I am rather the type who resenmemations myself – as in remembers sensations. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Although it sometimes seems as if it might have happened to another me in another life. This reminds me of the way I’ve come along, which is not as far as I may go – if time and future allows.

OTOH I saw what happens if you don’t change your ways, perceptions and attitudes when a bunch of mentally old men nearly crashed one of my former favorite fora. The big idea was to „have some banners as an aside“. Down the right margin of a turntable forum in German. No big money, but lots of opposition from forum members. The uprising was first fueled by patronizing condescension from „Officials“ and then quenched by the moderation board.

Nobody ever even considered thinking about benefits to forum members and consequently banner customers. Nobody even listened (or read) when I tried to develop some scheme to try to benefit all parties.

Too much information running through my brain –

– Too much information driving me insane (THE POLICE/Sting)

Some of my followed twitter accounts send me hourly updates – as interesting as this might be this is too much information for my feeble mind. Add a daily Newspaper, facebook, newsfeed-subscriptions and you get two to four hours a day just to keep up with the things I want to know. This does not include all the things I should be aware of …

Some strategies to put all this data in a classic layout and consume it in a „retro“ way might be – have a look at Prof. Michael Wagners daily „Newsvirtual“ on Looks good to my „Digital-Immigrant-Persona“ but I very much doubt that this will be a viable future for my paperless other half …

So I invite you to share your strategies to convert your daily information overload into efficient information reception. Please do comment and share your ideas!


ohne weitere Worte …

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