open data and crowdsourcing

just unearthed this unpublished draft from 2011 …


Cloud Security from an egov perspective

Not only interesting for government-agencies on various levels, but also from the general perspective of data security, intellectual property and data that are going to distinguish your company from its competitors:

Governmental Cloud in the EU – New Agency Report

Hopefully this will provide insights into considerations concerning availability, privacy and security of – much hyped (?) cloud providers. I will have to read that!

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web 2.0 at its best

RT @vavoida: amazon sells wikileaks content for Kindle after having banned wikileaks pages from their cloud. The result is unf***ingbelievable:

screenshot from

see it yourself at

Too much information running through my brain –

– Too much information driving me insane (THE POLICE/Sting)

Some of my followed twitter accounts send me hourly updates – as interesting as this might be this is too much information for my feeble mind. Add a daily Newspaper, facebook, newsfeed-subscriptions and you get two to four hours a day just to keep up with the things I want to know. This does not include all the things I should be aware of …

Some strategies to put all this data in a classic layout and consume it in a „retro“ way might be – have a look at Prof. Michael Wagners daily „Newsvirtual“ on Looks good to my „Digital-Immigrant-Persona“ but I very much doubt that this will be a viable future for my paperless other half …

So I invite you to share your strategies to convert your daily information overload into efficient information reception. Please do comment and share your ideas!

Back to the Roots

Techies tend to ignore the obvious. I was reminded of this by a friend of mine. She pointed out to me the „standard“ about giftcultures: Marcel Mauss, Essai sur le don : Forme et raison de l’échange dans les sociétés archaïques. Je crains que je dois lire ça! Translations available in German and English.

There is so much we can learn from anthropology, behaviourism and social science – facebook, twitter and other communities are more like tribes and archaic cultures than our more settled formal audiences of yesteryear. Welcome to the age of understanding. It will no longer suffice to redo the maths we learned in marketing 101, we will have to get inside the heads of our audiences. See what they see, fell what they feel, need what they need.

Then we will be able not only to cater to their exact needs, but also to anticipate their next moves. Especially anticipating moves will grow ever more important in an accelerating culture.

So think tribal – get ahead – go headhunting – get a head! And use yours! Thats the only way to stay on top of the approaching tsunami or even better be part of its cause! or do you want to become a casualty?

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